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I do not use my walker at home anymore........

Larry Knudtson


"I used to be dependent on using a walker to get around. I had problems with daily things: bathing, dressing, stairs, preparing my own meals, driving, and severely depressed.

I have COPD complicated by asthma and chronic bronchitis. I also have severe arthritis in my spine with some degeneration of the spine. I used a walker regularly.

My daughter and son-in-law told us about this  (care at Arc of Life Chiropractic) and felt I would benefit from treatment.

I sleep better at night which reduces my napping during the day, some days not at all. My headaches have all but disappeared. I had some eye problems which are corrected.  I do not use my walker at home anymore- only if I am away from home and have to stand a long time or walk a long distance as my endurance isn’t very long. I have only a 40% lung capacity. I bathe myself and dress myself plus all the other things.  Except for stairs-stairs are hard for me.

I wake in the morning feeling like I have energy to take on projects. I’m not so depressed. I’m starting to cut back my medications. I am more alert and pay attention more.

My use of Hydrocodone - Gabapentin are gone. I’m working on lowering my use of Theophylline. After that I’ll be working on lowering my use of Prednisone."

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